Ryan Braun NL Most valuable player

Ryan Braun is an American baseball player her ranked number 16 in the 2011 top greatest Baseball player. I want post on him because yesterday he won the NL Most Valuable Player Award on Tuesday after helping lead the Brewers to their first division title in nearly 30 years.

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Ryan Braun best American baseball player

Maria Sharapova Golden Girl in US Open Tennis 2011

Still in her Nike practice gear with her ponytail swinging and her forehead faintly perspiring, Maria Sharapova would have been tough to miss recently in a quiet Toronto hotel, even if she hadn’t introduced herself. Minutes after politely excusing herself for a quick change, the striking 24-year-old reappeared in a designer-without-trying-too-hard look.
It all may appear to come easily to Sharapova, but her cool demeanor on court and in public masks an industrious work ethic and competitive fire that are evidenced by her status as the world’s highest paid female athlete. Whether slamming serves on the court, poring over sales reports for her Nike-designed line or tidying up before the cleaning woman’s arrival, the tennis champ is not one to leave anything to chance. She certainly has had plenty of practice, beyond the four hours she trains each day with racquet in hand and another hour in the gym. Sharapova was only 11 when Nike first signed an endorsement deal with her. Last year the activewear giant upped its commitment considerably with a reported $70 million deal with Sharapova that extends through 2018.

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David Beckham Hair Styles

David Beckham Hair Style is a topic that is very related to style, fashion, and personal. As we know that David is a world super star, who quite often have different hair style every time. David as a man can say quite masculine select the type and hair style display of any time. It would also probably not be separated from his own tastes and the assistance of his wife, who works as a fashion stylist. In the world of fashion, in this case the hair, is it important enough to be noticed. structuring and cutting hair greatly affects how we look as a person who has it. If you are interested in having some new hairstyles, it seems, some david hair style choices can be your reference, here are more details from the selection david beckham hair styles that you can choose.

Frosted Spikes is one of the hairstyles that have a short piece on the top and combined with a long piece on the back. The front is made ​​quite short and in order to be able to stand in multiple directions. Use hair color highlights quite well in this style. david had to apply Frosted Spikes hairstyle in the year 2002.
    Mohawk is a hairstyle that can be quite booming in the the world. The world soccer players, like david beckham even had applied some times with several versions. Mohawk is the haircut made ​​by attenuate the hair right and left side from front to back and make the hair in the middle, was left pooled and made ​​appear to be standing up. Hair style is also flexible enough made ​​with different sizes and also in almost all types of hair.
    Cornrows is another hairstyle design, which is quite become a trend in some places. This is a hair style that is made with braid orderly system. braid hair made​​, arranged in orderly from the top to the back, with the same size on each line. To be able to apply this hair style usually takes a fairly long hair for men. David showing this hair style that is typical with is African people, in a football match held in Africa.
    Man Candy is one hairstyle that is simple but still look elegant, this style applied by David in the last few month. To get this hairstyle you just need to cut the back and sides of your hair short size, fairly and set it back. so it can look like a small crest on the head. with this style you can customize it, in a state of formal and casual.

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Arantxa Rus Dutch Female Tennis Player

Arantxa Rus or better known as a world-class tennis player who won the Australian Open for juniors, was a woman of Dutch nationality. Her victory in several championships and her presence in some big matches such as the French Open and 2012 Wimbledon Championships, of course makes her quite in account as one of the professional player in the tennis world. This is not surprising considering her success in defeating some of professional tennis players such as Jessica Moore from Australia, Kim Clijsters and Samantha Stosur in a few matches. Not only the victory she had Arantxa also successfully hold the title as the Number 1 junior tennis player in the world.

Matches Have Been Followed

Talk about the match have been followed by Arantxa Rus include ITF Pro Tournament which is held at Alkmaar in 2005. This was one the first game she participated at the age of 14 years. Although unsuccessful to win, she has already reached the second round of the match. Another match is the ITF tournament in Heerhugowaard and Vlaardingen in 2006. She also reached the semifinal round. See her ability rus also given the opportunity to join the competition in the WTA in 2008, but she was defeated by a landslide in the first round by Alona Bondarenko with a score 1-6. She also showed her talent at the Australian Open junior level with winning first prize in the match. She returned to show her talent again by successfully reaching the semi-finals at Wimbledon match in 2008. She also participated in several other the match such as ITF in Bari, Tashkent and the U.S. Open in 2009. Not only that in 2011 she also managed to follow the Brisbane International match through the qualifying and reached the second round before being defeated by Bojana Jovanovski. The last match she attended some time ago was the Indian Wells Masters, ITF tournament in Clearwater as well as Brussels and Wimbledon. Rus fairly counted as one of the tennis athlete, who played pretty well in the last match at wimbledon in 2012.

 Personal Life

This pretty girl is one who is born on the 13th December 1990. She was born in Delft, The Netherlands. Arantxa is also a girl who has the ideal posture at a fairly young age she has reached 180 cm in height and weighs 65 kg. With a fairly high posture she usually to play tennis with an attack from the left. As a girl she has a beautiful face, long blonde hair is also a characteristic of this dutch girl.
Arantxa Rus

Arantxa Rus Hot tennis star

Arantxa Rus
Arantxa Rus

Andrea Petkovic German Tennis Player

Andrea Petkovic is the name of a female descendant of German known as one of the best tennis players in the world. Andrea is also included in the ranks of professional tennis player who has won many world championships at the international level. As an athlete Andrea has also successfully winning some big matches like WTA, ITF and also participated in many other games. Between her success she gained some degree as the ITF matches which gave her eight singles titles and three doubles titles, as well as in WTA matches which gave her two titles. In the world of sports world as well, Andrea names in tennis field are also very involved considered. Blessing her ability she had reached the highest level in her career in 2011 ago as an athlete best tennis in the world number 9.

Success and Career

Talk about the game have been followed, Andrea even already have some experience of playing before she joined the German Fed Cup team. Even not just follow and participate she also won four ITF titles in 2004 and 2005. After joining the German team she gets more opportunities to participate in many games such as the French Open in 2007. Although not become the first champion but andrea reached the second round without losing a set. Andrea went back to reap success in the ITF matches in 2007 and got a chance to play in the WTA in the same year. Another fortune she got was, she can follow the game's U.S. Open without the fulfillment the specified requirements. She also returned to play in the Australian Open in January in the year 2008. Petkovic also won another tournament in Istanbul in November of the same year. Although it had reportedly suffered injuries and took a few months she got a new victory was enough to prove herself was fine. A good development of the level of the player who used to be a professional, she has proven through the success achieved popularity peak on 12 May 2011. She also continued to follow the big games such as the French Open and U.S. Open. She also become a superior player is quite be proud of the team and her country.

Andrea Petkovic
Personal Data

Her full name is Andrea Petkovic is a tennis athlete, she began her career as a tennis player in 2004 but has officially joined the German team in 2006. She has a height 180 cm and well known to attack Right-handed games (two-handed backhand). Since childhood she trained by her father and other coach named Petar Popović.
 Andrea Petkovic Australian open tennis tournament

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Novak Djokovic Tennis Player pictures

Novak Djokovic is one of the well-known sportsmen as a professional player in the field of tennis. Novak is also a male athlete who can be said to number 3 best in the world today. Many championships that he got was very satisfying and ability earned him several major titles in the sport world. As an athlete novak succeeded in giving pride to the country, he was one of the tennis player from Serbia. Although some professional athletes such as Ana Ivanovic also come from the same nation but novak providing enough pride to their talents and achievement of championship. Not only regarded as a professional tennis player, novak has also been known as the greatest player of all time and according to the news reported by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), novak even be the best player in the first rank in the world.

Victory Ever Achieved

Talk about a victory of course closely related to the match have been followed. Among a lot of games which novak come participate and get some victory are Roland Garros and Wimbledon match in 2006. In both match novak reached rank 78 and 49 in the game of tennis balls. Just a few weeks later after the wimbledon game that followed Novak returning participate in the match Amersfoort. He was able to prove his talent and achievements in the game by taking home the major trophies as well as a new big degree achieved. In those games he did not lose a set. Blessing the victory he immediately becomes the best player number 20 in the world. Followed by the achievement as a runner up in their Masters Series Indian Wells and Miami. He also managed to hold six singles titles in Grand Slam match. Put him in the top 10 best tennis players. And big game that gave him the title as the best player in the world is due to his victory in ATP World Tour Player of the Year which reach it up to 2 times.

Latest News

Serbia's national men's full name is Novak Djokovic. He has a height 187 cm. In the family he was the eldest son, he has two younger brothers who live in Serbia. For the love life according to some news circulating he had published on a special relationship with Jelena Ristic. As a man who was born on May 22, 1987, Novak even have an income reached U.S. $ 7,537,644.
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Tiger Woods Girlfriend

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Tiger Woods GirlfriendTiger Woods Girlfriend
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