Andy Murray had a bye in the first round Sony Ericsson Open

Last year, Andy Murray reigned supreme at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne. This year, he went out in the second round against some guy named Mardy Fish, who's not even ranked in the top 100 worldwide. Murray had a bye in the first round, meaning he didn't win a single match. Ouch.

The UK tennis sensation, who has since become a part-time Miami resident, seems pretty emo about the whole thing.

"I haven't been tough enough on the court and that's what's most disappointing. Mentally, the last few weeks I've been really poor and unacceptable," Murray tells the Press Association.

Apparently, a psychologist is on call to help him with his game.

"I've been very happy off the court but not on it, and that's where I need to be happy just now because this is my career.

"I need to start to enjoy my tennis again like at the start of the year. I need to be that person again."

Roberto Forzoni, a psychologist who apparently has no problems talking about former clients with the press, says, "I'm there for him. We've got a good relationship and he can pick up the phone at any time. I'm going to be trying to contact him in the next day or so to see if there's anything I can do."

Keep him away from the Bright Eyes albums, doctor, because Murray sounds kind of depressed right now. Or maybe he's just desperately in love with his adopted playwright sister. Who knows with these tennis people.

Kim Kardashian Tosses a Little Glam Into Tennis Game

Kim Kardashian We're assuming this isn't how Kim Kardashian decided to end it with Reggie Bush.
But the E! star did perform a pretty fabulous coin toss prior to the tennis match on Monday between Roger Federer and Florent Serra at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.
Of course, she also looked pretty fabulous too.

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Shoaib Malik to wed Sania Mirza

LAHORE: Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik is engaged to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and the two will soon be tying the knot, leading television channels in India and Pakistan reported on Monday.
While reports about the engagement started doing rounds since early evening, Sania’s father Imran Mirza, a former sports journalist, confirmed the news to a leading Indian channel, Aaj Tak, while speaking from Hyderabad Deccan later in the evening.
A few channels also quoted Sania’s agents as confirming the development, which took many by surprise. According to the channel, Shoaib’s mother met Sania’s parents in India and sought their consent for making Sania her daughter-in-law.
In Sialkot, Malik’s family sources confirmed the news and disclosed that date for the wedding would be decided in the first week of April. The valima reception is likely to be held in Lahore in mid-April.
Malik, serving a one-year ban imposed by the Pakistan Cricket Board, is currently in Sharjah for the Bangladesh League.
The all-rounder was also in the news for similar reasons during Pakistan cricket team’s tour to India in 2005. He was then accused of ditching another Indian girl, Ayesha Siddiqui, who coincidentally belonged to Hyderabad. The two had met through Internet and got married. Ayesha’s father had also threatened to sue Malik for jilting the girl. Malik later denied having any relations whatsoever with her.
Sania Mirza, on the other hand, had also hit the headlines last year after she called off her engagement with an Indian businessman and friend, Mohammad Sohrab Mirza.
Reliable sources told Dawn that Malik’s involvement with Sania had a hand in the break up of her first engagement. In a recent interview, Malik had said: “I desire to get married soon. You will soon get some good news but it depends on my family. I expect to get married this year.”
Asked if it would be an arranged marriage, he said: “No one can say what will happen, but it will take place with the consent of my family.”

You will soon get some good news but it depends on my family. I expect to get married this year, Shoaib Malik said in a recent interview.

Source : Dawn

trophy watchn all roger all the time

roger federer - trophy - shanghai 2007
Even with Roger Federer’s late-2007 hiccup (which saw him lose back-to-back matches for the first time since 2003), the Swiss and World No. 1 came out on top this year.
He beat sixth seed David Ferrer 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 to win his fourth Tennis Masters Cup title in five years.
federer - mercedes c-class - shanghai
Another record: Roger collected $1.2 million and a Mercedes-Benz C-Class for the win, putting his 2007 prize money pot at $10 million plus — an ATP record.
roger federer - trophy - shanghai 2007
Earlier in the week, Federer also picked up another trophy by clinching the year-end No. 1 spot for the fourth year in a row.
See a photo of Ferrer (plus doubles winners) after the cut…
tennis masters cup 2007 - awards ceremonies
Ferrer and Federer
nestor - knowles - tmc shanghai
Meanwhile, runners-up Simon Aspelin and Julian Knowle of Austria stand next to doubles winners Daniel Nestor and Mark Knowles.

venus receives diamond-encrusted tennis ball

Venus Williams - Wimbledon jewellery

That diamond-encrusted tennis ball, designed by Gitanjali Gems to help launch Wimbledon’s jewelry line, was presented to Venus Williams by Jewelery Marketing Company CEO Nehal Modi last Wednesday, Nov. 14, in New York City.
In case you’re keeping count, there are 4,300 diamonds on that thing!
(And in case you’re keeping track, Venus was also in town to launch her Steve & Barry’s clothing line, EleVen, with a party and a press conference.)

Tennis queen Dinara Safina in action

Dinara Safina Tennis PlayerDinara Safina Tennis Player
dinara safina russian cupaiadinara safina russian cupaia
dinara safina berlindinara safina berlin
Dinara SafinaDinara Safina celebrating
Dinara Safina picture

Dinara Safina best player tennis

Dinara Safina

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Tennis Player

jo wilfried tsonga ausjo wilfried tsonga aus
Jo-WilfriedJo-Wilfried Shanghai Masters Cup Tennis Previews
ATP Masters SeriesJo-Wilfried ATP Masters Series
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga picture

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga win

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga best tennis player

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga best picture

Anne Keothavong Tennis Player

Anne Keothavong Tennis Desktop picture
Anne Keothavong

Anne Keothavong Desktop tennis picture
Anne Keothavong

Anne Keothavong Desktop picture tennis
Anne Keothavong

Interview Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova
A. PAVLYUCHENKOVA/A. Radwanska 7-6, 6-4

Q. So you're learning how to win consistently, it seems like, against the good players?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Yeah. I don't know. I'm very excited now, and more and more every day because I keep winning. And it's really big achievement for me this week. I beat some really good players.
I'm very happy, especially today. First time in semis, of course I'm very happy, of course, but I beat Agnieszka. We played like, I don't know, five or six times already. She's a very tough player for me, especially her -- I don't know, the way she plays it was really tough, all the matches.
Well, just today I thought, Well, I don't care about the result, because no point to care, actually. Just I knew it was going to be tough, so I'm very happy I went through.

Q. What worked for you today against her versus other times when things haven't gone as well?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Well, as I said, I think I'm getting more confident, which helped me a lot this match, too. And also, I think five times or few times is enough already to learn how to play against her. Well, if you're not very stupid, I think should be enough.
So I try to think about previous matches against her, and I just try to avoid my old mistakes I've done in the previous matches against her before.
I think my game has improved a lot, because the last time I played this girl was in Wimbledon. And as I said, I'm more confident now. The game is better. All these things, all these elements came together now. Maybe this is just the time to beat her today.

Q. So how did it feel to be back on the big stadium? You were on the big stadium, then Court 4, then Court 6, then you were back on the big one.
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Yeah. Well, it felt great, for sure. But I didn't really -- I don't know. Didn't really think about it. It's big court and it's more people, and it's like -- I don't know, it was quite normal for me. I was focused on my match.
But of course it's always better to play on big courts against good players and when everyone is watching, and I think it's more exciting. You feel like something big is going on around.
Also, yesterday was day off for me. Well, half a day off. So I went shopping and I relaxed, and it was like a new tournament today. Because all last week I was just practice, match, hotel, and every time the same routine.
So I got really tired from that, and now it's something new again.

Q. You had a lot of success in the juniors. What do you see are some of the key things that have been important to improve as you become a pro, or the key differences between the juniors and the pros?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Well, I think mentally the pros are stronger, for sure. Also, I changed a bit of my game, because I think I was less aggressive before. In juniors, I was just -- I don't know, sometimes I could win the match because I was No. 1 in the world in juniors.
Some of the junior players, they would come, and already they know they're going to lose. So they knew it was going to be tough match. Maybe that's why it was easier for me. I was above a little bit.
Definitely, the level was good there, as well. That's why when I was transferred to the pros I thought it's going to be much easier for me, and it's going to go quick.
So then after I started to put a lot of pressure on myself, I was like 15, 16, and I -- every time I was losing it was a nightmare for me, in the pros I mean.
And when I couldn't win -- I started with 25, then I played Kremilin Cup and I was losing a lot of matches and it was nightmare. It was wearing me down all the time.
Maybe I was just there because of myself, too. So it was tough to get this confidence.

Q. In the second set at 5-3, you served for the match. After that, you called your coach. Can you tell us what you talked about?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Well, at 5-3, I think -- at 4-3, was good game. After at 5-3, first point was good serve, and then after I think, for me, I just relaxed a little bit. I think I thought it's going to be over now. So I know it's wrong, and I really punished myself for that after the game.
I mean, mentally, because I was -- because I didn't have to play like this. You have to fight every point. Doesn't matter what the score.
So I thought, Well, it's 5-3, 15-Love, and my serve now it's going to be always, so and it's not like this. And, well, I just called my coach to calm down and just -- because I had some troubles on the return of her serve, and a lot of -- I had mistakes or something.
So also this, and I wanted just to hear his opinion and just calm down.

Q. So as you've gone through these rounds in the tournament, I mean, are you not feeling a lot of nerves going into these matches, getting bigger and bigger? Are you feeling calm going into the matches?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Yeah, quite calm. Though I'm a little bit surprised, as well. Just one match I think against Knapp, I was a little bit not feeling very well in terms of nerves. I was a little bit nervous before the match.
Because after the big victory against Jankovic I went to play the same game or just continue to keep winning, you know. Because I think -- I didn't want people to think that, Well, you know, she just beat excellent player. I don't know, Jankovic wasn't playing good. She beat her, and then now it's -- I mean, I just wanted to continue in the same. I didn't want to relax.
So I just -- I wasn't sure about my reaction on the court, so that's why I was -- but then when I started to play against Knapp, during the match I was calm back again, because it was a good match. I was focused, and it was good.
But I feel okay about this, going on court. Well, I experienced a lot, because I was nervous a lot in the past. I was putting pressure a lot before and during the matches, so I just -- I experienced this a lot, so I think maybe it was good point that it was happening before.

Q. What about Ivanovic? Going to be an even bigger match. Have you played her before?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: No, never. I haven't played, actually, those big players before. Just this year at the Australian Open in Paris, Dubai, and here I start playing. Before, I didn't have a chance to play against them.
But of course I've seen a lot of her on TV and playing like this, so just I just know a little bit about her. So, I mean, I've just seen her. She's definitely a good player. Well, what I need to do is just continue to do my job and just be confident and play every point.

Q. So what did you buy when you were shopping?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Well, it was just the shoes shopping, because I stopped with the clothes. I think I have too much clothes. It's really I think I've got so much clothes it's a joke. In Paris, I can't close my wardrobe already.
I have to find another room to put my stuff or something, to create something new, or just get rid of the stuff I bought in the past. It's really -- it's really bad.
I said to my mom and every one of my friends, I've stopped with the clothes. So this time yesterday I just bought shoes.

Q. Speaking of big players, does it seem strange to come to a big tournament and Serena and Venus are not here?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Is it strange for me that they are not here? This is the question?

Q. Yes.
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Well, yes, I think, because I think something is missing, really. I feel so. And also, this tournament, I can compare it to Grand Slam in a way, in terms of players and prize money. It's really, really big tournament. After the Grand Slam, I think it's this one and Miami.
Also, the atmosphere and everything, you feel like it's really something big. So it's strange that they are not here. Of course, I think with them it's more show and more interest and a lot of big fights and good matches. But I can't do anything (laughter.)

Q. You played Agnieszka a few times. At Wimbledon she beat you. It was a different Agnieszka? A different Anastasia today? Also, you play other Polish girls, Marta Domachowska. How can you compare their styles and their potential?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Yes. Yes, as I said, I think I'm changing, so I'm a little bit different now. I'm more confident, as I said, and I experienced a lot the way I was playing against her. My game is improved, so everything is improved. I'm stronger now, and I'm -- I grew up a little bit, as well. So everything together helped me a lot today.
Today, I just thought, really, why I can't beat her? I mean, so many times we played, and I know she's a very good player, but she's -- I mean, I still have a chance to beat her. I have everything to beat her, and I just went on court with that state of mind.
I thought, I just need to do my job, and I have to push and be aggressive. I think I was just believing a lot. I can do it, really. I'm really happy that I beat her, because so many times we've played and I just couldn't do it. It just was quite stupid mistakes and not good game.
And about Marta, it was quite tough match, too, for me, because it was first match of this tournament. After Dubai, I had like two weeks or even more, you know. And when it's new tournament, first match, it's always tough to get the rhythm.
Yeah, but I was just...

Q. What about Urszula? You played her, too, right? Not at this one, but in your career.
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Yes, we played a few times, but it was a little bit easier against her than against Agnieszka. I beat her maybe three out of four, I think, something like this. And we played a really long time ago in juniors, so it was a long time. Just tough to remember all the details.
But Marta Domachowska is more aggressive. She is more -- she hits very hard. But Agnieszka is very smart player. It's tough, because she always plays in different rhythm.
I didn't know what she was going to do, because you never know. It seems like the shots are not so strong and powerful, so you can just come in and do what you want with this. But it's not like this.
I mean, so she makes dropshot and she makes lob, long, short, and she makes you move all the time. I think she's very strong mentally, as well. It's very tough.

Q. So you've repainted your fingernails again?

Q. It's black now? Is that black?
THE MODERATOR: Olive green.
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Black/green. It's like the lake color, you know? I don't know how you call it.

Q. Moss?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: Looks like black and yellow or something.

Q. Are you superstitious about any colors, or are there some colors you won't paint because you think they bring bad luck?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: No, no. I just -- this tournament -- normally I don't care -- but this tournament, I try to put as close as possible to my matches' clothes. I don't know why. So it was a lot yellow before, and black. So now it's black with yellow, so close. So I put yellow here.

Q. Papillion, have you grown some in the last year?

Q. Have you grown taller in the last year?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: I thought so, yes. Also compared to my coach and my mom, every time I walk, I'm like, No, look, I grew up. (laughter.)
And we go to measure and it's the same height. I'm like, No? How come? I feel I grew up.
And at the medical checkup here, they measured my length of the legs. They grew up two centimeters more than from last year in April. So surprised, and I don't know why.

Q. So only your legs grew longer?
ANASTASIA PAVLYUCHENKOVA: The legs are growing, but not me. And it doesn't show on the -- when I measure, it's the same. It's a miracle. (laughter.)

Q. That's very strange.

Interview from ASAP

Allison Stokke Cute And Hottest Athlete

Allison Stokke is one sport Altet, who successfully explore a career as a pole-vaulter. As an athlete, she was also quite famous for its amazing jumps and also her pretty face. Her popularity is certainly not she get it directly, various games and also a victory that she achieved is a way to get her popularity. But her name in the virtual world can say it seems quite successful, from the fact that in a career, most people still think of him as a normal athlete, but in the virtual world even search on the internet for her name has reached tens of thousands. More than that she was not listed as a popular athlete that can be proud, but Allison is also one of the American pole-vaulter who managed to produce a pretty excellent score in 2009.


Spoke about Stokke career, she was initially had reportedly to follow gymnastics up to more than 10 years, but she also began to show her talent in the field of sports the pole vault in 2004, allison who was then 14 years old and has managed to bring victory in the arena game California State Meet. In the next year, it mean in 2005 she also participated in a game of Golden West College. But she had lost the match. when she was 15 years old, Stokke, also try their luck again another win, she did not just win, but she also has updated record pole vault national player in the state of California on the age. This surely gives a high level of popularity, and also well opputunity, to further develop her talents.

Profile of Allison Stokke

Know more about the figure of a beautiful woman, she is a woman who was born on 1989, march 22. She was a woman American nationality, and also a woman who lives in Norwalk California. As a person, a few things became superior asset, for allison is the Perfect Body, Athletic Abs, But Curvey, and Sporty. For her love life, Stokke also proclaim ever date a regular guy. Had circulated their photos in some of the media, but there is no certainty or clear confirmation of the news. This is only possible when there is some news about his personal problems, because she is still not considered a celebrity virtual world, which is pretty much getting a response. But wherever she is, we hope she can always get the best.
Allison Stokke Athletes

Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke With Boyfriend

Allison Stokke Hot Pose

Soccer player Amy Taylor Photos and biography

Amy Taylor
Amy Elizabeth Taylor (born June 11, 1979 in Canberra, Australia) is a former football (soccer) player and current sports presenter with WIN Television in Australia. Taylor also works occasionally as a model, and is the face of Mako Sunglasses' advertising campaigns.

Amy Taylor was a member of the Australian women's national team, known as "The Matildas", playing as a defender in over 20 international caps. Additionally, she played nearly 100 games for the Canberra Eclipse of the Australian Women's National Soccer League, and has played professionally in the United States for the W-League Hampton Roads Piranhas as well. She was first selected to the Australian women's national team in 1997, at the age of 17—just six years after she began playing the sport. Known as a tenacious defender and aggressive tackler, Taylor's style of play contributed to a number of injuries which ultimately ended her football career. After two reconstructive surgeries on her ankles following the Matildas' 2004 season, she began her television career.
Party Girl Amy TaylorParty girl Amy Taylor

Cleavage Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor exercise

Amy Taylor Topless
Amy Taylor photo
Amy Taylor Amy Taylor sexy
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Amy Taylor Amy Taylor bikini

Victoria Azarenka Picture

victoria azarenka Pictures, Images and Photos
victoria azarenka Pictures Images and Photos
Victoria Azarenka beautiful girl tennis

Victoria Azarenka shoot tennis and big breast

Victoria Azarenka win and best player tennis

Victoria Azarenka win picture

Victoria Azarenka best tennis player


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